Information Governance for Health Research

The Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) is the way in which the Department of Health seeks assurance that Patient Information is managed and treated securely.  An organisation is required to have a toolkit in the following instances.

  1. Access to confidential patient information without consent (Section 251)
  2. Obtaining data from NHS Digital through Data Access Request Service(DARS)
  3. Obtaining data from an organisation that has data covered by S251 or data that originates from NHS Digital
  4. NHS and non-NHS organisations may also require a toolkit as part of a Data Sharing Contract or when you are carrying out work on behalf of an NHS organisation eg Clinical Trials or performing testing

The University submits a toolkit annually.  Individual projects are enrolled onto the University Toolkit and this framework is how it works.  

The Faculty of Medical Sciences Information Governance Steering Group (FMS IGSG), has approved the  Data Security and Protection Toolkit Framework (DSPTF). This framework is how the University will deliver toolkits across the University. 

If you think your work needs a toolkit then please contact Wendy Craig, Information Security Officer(MedSci);