Stakeholder Day: 6 June 2016

Below are the presentations and notes from breakout discussions from our recent event 'Building the Infrastructure for Regional Powershouses' held in Leeds.

Introduction (Dawson)

Richard Dawson, Newcastle University 


Adrian Coy, Institution of Civil Engineers (Coy)


Electric vehicles and the northern powerhouse (Hall)

Stephen Hall, University of Leeds


The public wealth of cities and regions (Pike)

Andy Pike, Peter O'Brien, Newcastle University; Andy Brown, Richard Whittle, University of Leeds


Regional infrastructure pipelines (McDermott)

Peter McDermott, University of Salford


Breakout discussion notes

Beyond economic growth: conlficts and opportunities arising from the diverse drivers of local, regional and national infrastructure needs:

Theme 1: Resilience: focus on climate adaptation (Theme 1 Notes)

Theme 2: Decarbonisation (Theme 2 Notes A Theme 2 Notes B)

Theme 3: Liveability: focus on community (Theme 3 Notes; Theme 3 Notes B)