Stakeholder Day: 4 November, 2015

Our fourth Stakeholder Day took place in Birmingham on 4 November 2015. Presentations are available below:

Introduction 4Nov15_Dawson

Richard Dawson, Newcastle University

Birmingham Connected 4Nov15_Shaw

Anne Shaw, Assistant Director Transportation and Connectivity, Birmingham City Council

Financing infrastructure for climate change adaptation 4Nov15_Roelich

Katy Roelich, University of Leeds

Motivation for energy efficiency policy: national recognition of the infrastructure benefits from energy efficiency retrofit in buildings 4Nov15_Kerr

Niall Kerr, University of Leeds

Alternative infrastructure business models 4Nov15_Bryson

John Bryson, University of Birmingham

Decentralisation, deal-making and local infrastructure funding and financing 4Nov15_Pike_O'Brien

Andy Pike and Peter O'Brien, Newcastle University