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Articles (28.08.20): P. Wheatley, ‘The Implications of “Poliorcetes”: Was Demetrius the Besieger’s Nickname Ironic?’

Reviews (22.09.20): J. Briscoe on M. C. Scappaticcio, ed., Seneca the Elder and his Rediscovered ‘Historiae ab initio bellorum civilium’: New Perspectives on Early-Imperial Roman Historiography

Review–Discussions (31.08.20): T. Rood on B. Earley, The Thucydidean Turn: (Re)Interpreting Thucydides’ Political Thought Before, During and After the Great War

Supplements (2020): SV 10: C. Constantakopoulou and M. Fragoulaki, edd., Shaping Memory in Ancient Greece: Poetry, Historiography, and Epigraphy


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