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Articles (01.07.20): J. Lightfoot, ‘Tacitus’ Germania and the Limits of Fantastic Geography’

Reviews (08.06.20):

K. Oikonomopoulou on J. Opsomer, G. Roskam, and F. B. Titchener, edd., A Versatile Gentleman: Consistency in Plutarch’s Writing.

C. M. Lucarini on Sulpici Severi, Chronica, cura et studio Piergiorgio Parroni


(02.07.20): A. R. Birley on A. G. Scott, Emperors and Usurpers: An Historical Commentary on Cassius Dio’s Roman History Books 79(78)–80(80) (A.D. 217–229)

Supplements (2020): SV 10: C. Constantakopoulou and M. Fragoulaki, edd., Shaping Memory in Ancient Greece: Poetry, Historiography, and Epigraphy


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