Research in the HI lab is aimed at all aspects of DC biology from DC haematopoiesis and functional diversification to inflammation and neoplasia. We are especially interested in the way the DCs and macrophages develop and immunodeficiency or autoimmunity arising from germline and acquired genetic disorders of myelopoiesis.

Our recent work includes the discovery of a novel subset of CD141hi tissue DCs homologous to murine CD8/CD103 cross presenting DCs. We also recently described the genetic basis of human DC deficiency in IRF8 mutation and DCML deficiency/GATA-2 mutation. Previously, we have demonstrated differential renewal kinetics of Langerhans cells, interstitial dendritic cells and macrophages after bone marrow transplantation and examined the different roles of these cells in graft versus host disease.


Graft versus host disease epidermis - peri-follicular infiltrate: stained for CD3 (orange) and HLA-DR (green).