WJFMS / Publications

The Web Journal of French Media Studies

The Web Journal of French Media Studies (WJFMS) was launched by Hugh Dauncey and Geoff Hare in 1998, in an attempt to raise the profile of 'media studies' within the overall field of French Studies. The editorial panel was drawn from respected French and UK colleagues. As an early venture in electronic peer-reviewed publishing, the WJFMS was a direct and immediate outlet partly for papers presented at French Media Research Group conferences, but also for submissions from UK, French and other researchers working on topics in French media who were interested in making their work widely and rapidly available in this format. The WJFMS still retains a role in disseminating FMRG 'outputs', however, and since 1998 has published 30 peer-reviewed papers in eight numbers of the journal, as well as numerous book reviews and other items.

FMRG Working papers

Some papers presented at FMRG conferences have also been published more traditionally in hard-copy FMRG publications edited by FMRG conference organisers, such as S. Perry and P. M. Moores (eds.) Media Developments and Cultural Change, Working Papers of the Northern Media Research Group (University of Northumbria at Newcastle, Newcastle, 1999).

Journal special issues inspired by FMRG conferences

More recently, conference organisers have produced special numbers of well-respected journals in French studies, such as (on music and media in France and Francophony) H. Dauncey and C. Tinker (eds), Contemporary French Civilization 2011, 36 (1-2), and (on sport and media in France and the Francophone world) H. Dauncey, J. Ervine and C. Kilcline (eds) French Cultural Studies 2014, Vol. 25(1). Recent FMRG conferences FMRG22 and FMRG23 on media, nostalgia and memory have led to H. Dauncey and C. Tinker (eds) Modern & Contemporary France 2015, 23(2), and other outputs, as part of an ongoing project investigating memory/nostalgia in French and Francophone popular culture.

The most natural follow-on from FMRG conferences is however for individual conference participants to benefit from the 'workshop' discussions of FMRG events to add new insights to their analysis and pursue publication in a range of other periodicals.