Conferences since 1996

Since its inception in 1995, FMRG has organised 24 day-conferences, welcoming more than 150 speakers.

Some day-conferences are themed, covering specific issues in media studies and the French and Francophone media, and others are a varia, providing fora for researchers to discuss ongoing work in an informal and small-scale setting.

Conferences have addressed the following themes (the links provide lists of speakers):


FMRG24 October 2015 (Newcastle) - 'French and Francophone Videogames' FMRG24 Programme See also: Twitter storify #FMRG24

'L'Age d'or : Médias, mémoires et nostalgies' Conference September 2014 (Paris) organised by the CHCSC (Université Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines) and the GRIPIC (Celsa Paris-Sorbonne) with the participation of FMRG Age d'or Conference Programme

FMRG23 October 2013 (Newcastle) - 'Media, Memory and Nostalgia' II FMRG23 Programme

FMRG22 April 2013 (Heriot-Watt) - 'Media, Memory and Nostalgia' I FMRG22 Programme

FMRG21 September 2012 (Nottingham) - 'Vivement dimanche ! : Politics, Media and France's Electoral Year 2011/12' FMRG21 Programme

FMRG20 October 2011 (Newcastle) - 'Media, Sport and Identity in France and the Francophone World' FMRG20 Programme

FMRG19 May 2010 (Nottingham) - 'Media and Politics: the Personal and Political' FMRG19 Programme

FMRG18 May 2009 (Newcastle) - 'Music and Media in France and the Francophone World' FMRG18 Programme

FMRG17 November 2008 (Nottingham) - 'Continuity and Change in the French Media' FMRG17 Programme

FMRG16 April 2008 (Newcastle) - 'Sport and the Media in France' FMRG16 Programme

FMRG15 November 2007 (Newcastle) - 'Representation of Women in the French Press' FMRG15 Programme

FMRG14 June 2007 (Derby) - 'The French Presidential Election 2007: Political Communication and Media' FMRG14 Programme

FMRG13 November 2006 (Newcastle) - a varia FMRG13 Programme

FMRG12 November 2003 (Newcastle) - 'Representations of Asylum and Immigration' FMRG12 Programme

FMRG11 April 2002 (Newcastle) - a varia FMRG11 Programme

FMRG10 June 2001 (Newcastle) - a varia FMRG10 Programme

FMRG9 November (2000 Newcastle) - a varia FMRG9 Programme

FMRG8 May 2000 (Newcastle) - a varia FMRG8 Programme

FMRG7 October 1999 (Newcastle) - a varia FMRG7 Programme

FMRG6 April 1999 (Newcastle) - a varia FMRG6 Programme

FMRG5 October 1998 (Newcastle) - a varia FMRG5 Programme

FMRG4 January 1998 (Bradford) - a varia FMRG4 Programme

FMRG3 January 1997 (Newcastle) - a varia FMRG3 Programme

FMRG2 November 1996 (Newcastle) - a varia FMRG2 Programme

FMRG1 January 1996 (Newcastle) - a varia FMRG1 Programme