The Expanded Interiors Re-Staged team would like to thank the Arts & Humanities Research Council for funding the project, and all partners involved in both projects: the Hatton Gallery, Animmersion, the Parco Archeologico di Pompei, the Parco Archeologico di Ercolano, the Herculaneum Conservation Project and Newcastle University.

The artists would also like to thank the Expanded Interiors teams, new and old, supportive friends and colleagues, and our technical teams.

With special thanks to:

Zoe Allen, Dr Fiona Anderson, Hazel Barron-Cooper, Giles Bailey, Catherine Bell, Emma Beveridge, Samantha Brimer, Burnie Burns, Alex Charrington, Katy Cole, Bruce Davenport, Colin Davison, James Davoll and his team, Francesca del Duca, David De La Haye, Taryn Edmonds, Rebecca Farley, Ross Hamilton Frew, Leo Grant-Morris, Sam Grant, Laura Guy, Remy Harkensee, Naomi Harrison, Prof Ian Haynes, Mick Hedley, the Herculaneum Conservation Project team, Dan Johnston, Angelica Jones, Hannah Kirkham, Prof Uta Kogelsberger, Toby Lloyd, Carla McNair, James McNair, Caitlin Milne, Julie Milne, Ella Nixon, Prof Massimo Osanna and his team, Prof Venda Pollock, Arto Polus, Dr Thea Ravasi, Caroline Reeves, Stephen Rowarth, Joe Sallis, Brigitte Stahl, Francesco Sirano and his team, Ruth van Steenis, Jacob Stokes, Dr Harriet Sutcliffe, Jade Sweeting, Jane Thompson, Jaakko Tuomivaara, Alex Turner, Mary Jane Wells, Prof Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, Mel Whewell, Clive Wright, A+M Imaging, Animmersion, Cloth_Scissors_Thread, INSITE Design, L-Ink Group, North Exhibition Services LTD, PROCÉDÉS CHÉNEL INTERNATIONAL, Rosella Studio, ThinkSee3D.

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1.    Content: Catrin Huber, Rosie Morris, Harriet Sutcliffe
2.    Photos: Amedeo Benestante, Colin Davison, Catrin Huber, Rosie Morris
3.    Website: Toby Lloyd