Expanded Interiors Re-Staged

Banner images: 1. + 2. Catrin Huber, Detail of Along and Through, Hatton Gallery  (Photos: Colin Davison); 3. Catrin Huber, Expanded Interiors exhibition at Pompeii (Photo: Amedeo Benestante); 4. + 5. Catrin Huber, The Corner Escape, Hatton Gallery (Photos: Colin Davison); 6. + 7.  Rosie Morris, In out of this world, Hatton Gallery (Photo 5: Colin Davison; Photo 6: Sam Grant); 8. + 9. Catrin Huber, Light Trap, Hatton Gallery (Photos: Colin Davison); 10. Catrin Huber, Expanded Interiors at Herculaneum (Photo: Amedeo Benestante)


Expanded Interiors was an interdisciplinary research project that investigated Roman houses and drew site-specific contemporary fine art practice into a unique dialogue with ancient Roman wall paintings and architectural remains at the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Herculaneum and Pompeii. Artist Catrin Huber developed three installations in dialogue with - and for - two Roman houses: the House of the Cryptoporticus in Pompeii, and the House of the Beautiful Courtyard in Herculaneum. These installations were on display in situ from May 2018 until January 2019.

Expanded Interiors Re-Staged relocates these contemporary installations from Roman houses in the south of Italy to Newcastle’s Hatton Gallery.

Catrin Huber has developed new work to set the installations in a fresh dialogue with this distinctive architecture in a new context.

Rosie Morris, an artist and part of the original Expanded Interiors research team, has been commissioned to develop her own contemporary installation in response to the research done within the Roman houses, and the new venue.

For more information see Exhibition.

L-INK a group of young people working with the Hatton Gallery and Laing Art Gallery followed Expanded Interiors Re-Staged closely to develop a Young People’s Guide that specifically addresses young visitors to the exhibition.

Workshops with local schools (many close to Hadrian’s Wall) will inform the development of an educational resource pack for Key Stage 2 pupils, which will connect the research from EI with the local heritage / educational context in the North / East of England, while exploring the connections between Roman and contemporary visual culture.
Full details can be found on the Resources page

We are looking forward to a day-long Expanded Interiors Re-Staged  workshop / symposium with artists and heritage professionals in the autumn. Please check News & Events for updates.

For more information on the Expanded Interiors project and the Roman houses please see:     

Expanded Interiors Re-Staged is delivered in partnership with the Hatton Gallery (TWAM), Animmersion, and Newcastle University, with special thanks to the partners of Expanded Interiors: Parco Archeologico di Pompei, Parco Archeologico di Ercolano, and the Herculaneum Conservation Project.

Expanded Interiors Re-Staged is funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council.