Metabolic Neurodegeneration Laboratory

Welcome to the webpage of the Metabolic Neurodegeneration Laboratory, led by Dr Daniel Erskine at Newcastle University.

Our research is focused on degenerative diseases of the brain, with a particular focus on Lewy body dementia and conditions with putative mechanistic overlaps, particularly mitochondrial diseases and lysosomal storage disorders.

This website will provide an overview of our research, including the rationale that underlies our work and some of our key findings to date.

For more information on our research, please have a look at the "For the general public" section, where we have plain English descriptions of our researcg, or the "Our research" section, which is designed for fellow scientists and uses some technical language.

Daniel discusses DLB in the Telegraph newspaper

The Telegraph features a story on DLB

Presentation at ADPD

The lab's research was presented at ADPD 2024 in Lisbon, Portugal.

125th Meeting of British Neuropathological Society

The lab attended the 125th Meeting of The British Neuropathological Society in London.

International LBD Day 2024

Please join us for International Lewy Body Day in Newcastle 2024.

MLD Support Association UK

MLD Support Association UK Conference 2023

MLD Lab Tour 2023

The MLD Support Association visited our labs for a tour of our work