How to apply

Applications for 2021 now open!

We are now recruiting students to join CDT SEP for its 3rd cohort starting in September 2021.  UK and International students are invited to make an application to either Newcastle University or University of Nottingham by following the links below.  Please note that places for International students are strictly limited and there are no guarantees that the CDT can provide an offer to students within this fee category.  This is based on specific thresholds held at institutional level.

International applicants should note that they may be required to pay additional fees which are not covered by the UKRI home fee contribution.  Further information will be provided during the application process.

Who do we need?

Equality, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of this CDT and we are looking for students from any background within an engineering or science discipline like:

  • Engineering: electrical, mechanical, material, communication, systems.
  • Science: physics, chemistry, math.

Automotive Lab

Which University should I choose? 

This is a joined CDT between Newcastle University and University of Nottingham.      Applicants can therefore choose the university they like to receive their PhD from. Your choice will not impact on the decision to receive a scholarship as all applicants are treated equally. The Centre reserves the right to change the choice when offering a scholarship. EDwill be considered in the decision-making process. 

How to apply?

Choose the university that you like to receive your PhD fromThen, follow the instructions shown below for your preferred university. You can only apply to one university. 

Apply to Newcastle University

Please ‘Create a new account’ on the postgraduate application system. Enter the programme code as 8206F, select ‘PhD Power Electronics for Sustainable Electric Propulsion' as the programme of study and PESEP20 as the studentship code.  In the covering letter please quote reference code PESEP20 and state how your interests and experience relate to the CDT.

Apply to University of Nottingham

Please ‘Create a new account’ on the postgraduate application system.  During program selection, select ‘Postgraduate Research’ > ’2021 Academic Year’ > Search with Keyword: ‘CDT’, Subject Area: ‘Engineering’, and choose ‘Doctor of Philosophy - Power Electronics: Sustainable Electric Propulsion’. Confirm by checking the course code is ‘U8PPESEP’.  In the covering letter please ensure you quote Professor Mark Johnson, Co-Director of the CDT and state how your interests and experience relate to the CDT.

Closing date

The deadline for applications is Sunday 28 February 2021.

‌‌‌Attachments for the application process

The following documentation is required as part of the CDT submission process:

  • CV
  • student selection form
  • Covering letter explaining why you are applying for the CDT
  • Degree transcripts and certificates
  • If English is not your first language, a copy of your English language qualifications

Applicants that have been shortlisted will be invited for an interview and successful applicants will receive an offer from either Newcastle University or University of Nottingham. When submitting, applicants agree that their data is shared with Newcastle University, University of Nottingham and industrial partners.

All information that we hold concerning you as an individual will be held and processed by the universities strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. As an individual, you have right under the Data Protection Act 1998 to obtain data from us, including a description of the data we hold on you. The policy data information can be found within these links for Newcastle University and University of Nottingham.

Eligibility criteria

You will have at least a 2:1 Bachelor's level degree in an engineering or science discipline.


These awards are available to UK and International (including EU) students. All students will receive the stipend set by EPSRC and the current rate is £15,285 per annum. All students will also receive a budget for travel and consumables associated to their project.  Following the UKRI announcement regarding their new 30% UKRI international recruitment policy (that will take effect from September 2021) both Newcastle University and University of Nottingham have agreed to pay the international fee difference for all International applicants (inc. EU) who are awarded a place within the CDT.  Please note that spaces for International students are strictly limited.


If there are any queries relating to any of the application processes for the CDT please contact Amanda Lane, Email: