Sustainable Electric Propulsion CDT

“Our vision is the creation of a new generation of UK specialists driving the electric revolution in the transport sector.”


 collection of green transportation means

“We aim to create a new school of thinking amongst engineers and scientists, capable of leading the transformation from fossil fuel transport to sustainable and environmentally-friendly electric transport."

Traction motor of EV

Our Partners

“Our CDT is a collaboration between two of the UK's largest and most forward-thinking research groups in electric propulsion: the Electrical Power Group at Newcastle University and the Power Electronics, Machines and Control Research Group at the University of Nottingham

The CDT is supported by over 30 industrial and network partners to deliver unprecedented high-quality research and comprehensive training.“

 Is it for you? 

Are you excited about the electric revolution?  

Do you want to conduct leading research that will make impact to the society?

Are you ready to work closely with industry?

Do you want to shape the future of electric propulsion?

Are you ready to be trained to become the next leader?

If you answer all of the above questions with yes - Apply!   

With the CDT's strong industrial partnership, you will be ideally placed to produce high impact research papers, patents and spin-outs.




We have developed a radical new training programme that will equip our students with a new school of thinking for solving problems to ensure maximum research impact.

Highlights of the training programme include:

  • Fusion-Training-Units - a revolutionary new training method combining technical knowledge with professional skills
  • Supervisor-on-Demand scheme - students will get support from their main academic and industrial supervisor and also from a pool of experts throughout training and research
  • A large choice of taught modules and laboratories - subjects in engineering, science, business tailored to students' needs.

Electric propulsion Lab