What is TEDEI?

TEDEI (Training in Early Detection for Early Intervention) is an e-learning course offering training on typical motor development in term and preterm infants, early warning signs of high-risk infants and emerging signs of motor difficulties. TEDEI provides a detailed introduction to detecting atypical motor skill development in infants from term age up to six months old.  It focusses in detail on neurological presentations. It is available at TEDEI | Study With Us | Newcastle University (ncl.ac.uk) We have completed an evaluation of the course using Kirkpatrick's method, with evidence of benefit. 


TEDEI screenshot


TEDEI was developed at by Mrs Janice Pearse with support from Dr Anna Basu, in response to a need for improved quality of early detection and early intervention for infants with brain injuries, which was identified during Dr Basu’s NIHR-funded Career Development Fellowship. The problems around early detection and early intervention were highlighted again and again by parents of affected infants in our focus groups and workshops, parents of participants in our intervention study, and also through our national survey, using perinatal stroke as an exemplar.