Research Studies

eTIPS (Early Therapy in Perinatal Stroke) for Birth - 6 Months: Completed, Results now available!

Pilot Study which started in mid 2015 aiming to improve the outcome of babies who have had a stroke around the time of birth. Plans for next steps underway. 


Play-based therapy study for 3 - 10 years - Completed, Results now available!

This study assessed the effectiveness of a home-delivered play-based therapy in young children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy. The instructions for the games are available for free download - please use them!!


Thumb Taping study - Completed, Results now available!

 We looked at the feasibility and acceptability of elastic taping to the thumb and wrist for infants with hand function affected by early brain injury. 


TwoCan Project - Ongoing!!

We want to use technology to help young people with hemiplegia monitor how much they are using their arms. We are working with young people to design a good solution. 


Early Observations - PhD student Jessica Baggaley is leading on this project, aiming to improve prompt identification of high-risk infants 


OPTIMISE EI - PhD student Phill Harniess is leading on this project aiming to get the Early Intervention process just right for infants and their families. This links into work as a broader group as part of EI SMART


TEDEI - Training for Early Detection in Early Intervention - an online video-based training package still under development, to improve early detection.