Why run a Createathon?

Running a Createathon has benefits for both students and creative entrepreneurs. Here are a few reasons why we think it's a great event to run:


Benefits to Students:

  • Gain experience of working with Creative and Cultural enterprises​
  • Develop understanding and empathy for the context of the entrepreneurial life world ​
  • Put theory into practice​
  • Develop team working skills (potentially cross-cultural)​
  • Learn new tools and techniques​
  • Opportunity to challenge themselves and demonstrate the value they can deliver​

Benefits to Creative and Cultural enterprises:​

  • Learn through collaborating with students and graduates, with fresh perspectives, skills and academic knowledge ​
  • Possibility to accelerate business development​
  • Validation of the business and the business owner ​
  • Gain new connections with a university/business school, other businesses and the wider local ecosystem​