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A Collected Architecture

Bex Harvey

A Collected Architecture' (studio drawings)

A Collected Architecture exists to engage the viewer within a soundscape*; offering an audible ‘architecture’ of the space in which they are standing. Utilising sound as her media, Harvey examines the constraints and capabilities of this visceral tool and seeks to form an articulation of the space in question though this.
Traditionally working with film, Harvey is treading on less-known ground; attempting to muster a different sense of imagery through the use of sound. A Collected Architecture is in place to position the viewer within a space, and then provide them with a catalogue of its facets: shape, structural interventions, textures and surfaces. Through this elaboration of the norm, the inner workings and structure of that environment are made privy to the viewer. This seeks to create an arena out of which drawing with sound becomes a new, eloquent form of mark making.


*‘Soundscape’ term coined by R. Murray Schafer, Canadian Composer and Environmentalist.   

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