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cup cake

When you take some art students and mix them with a cafe you could be forgiven for thinking it might make for a recipie for disaster (no one turns up on time, the standards of dress are appalling, paint under finger nails, misspelt menus etc.), but somehow we always manage to channel our creativity even into our tea and coffee making; Where else would you find epic sculptural cheese cakes next to fairtrade, organic, vegan green teas with impoissible names to pronounce.

The cafe is run by Newcastle Fine Art students to help raise the £7000 needed to make our final year show the best we can. So please come by and support us, chat to some interesting people in amongst this excting event and maybe get yourself a brew as well.


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Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, NE1 7RU
Culture Lab forms part of an evolving network of artists, researchers and scientists 
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