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Adventure playground-free messy spaces in town

Brigitte Jurack

brigitte jurack

Hands on work shop session behind closed doors that focuses on building a model of out door adventure playgrounds for the future

Models practiced in inner city Germany will be used as examples of civic visions that enable children to play using nails/hammers/saws/building huts and shantytowns

Discussions about the need of such "experimental learning environments" will go hand in hand with the collaborative design using "Blue Peter" methodology

Workshop will be treated like a "Think tank" with dedicated members committing themselves for a full day session

Invited speakers will be children

Access to the event will be via silent video link to Reception plasma screen, and peephole in the door of Workshop 1.

Overarching aim: think creative- outside the box, beyond "Health and safety" and for a greener future

A summary of the workshop will be published after the event on the net and CD/ DVD and forwarded to relevant policy makers

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Brigitte Jurack

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