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Andy Abbott

Andy is an artist, writer, musician based in Bradford and Leeds. He was recently awarded a practice-led PhD researching ‘Art, Self-organised cultural activity and the Production of Postcapitalist Subjectivity’. His practice and research is focused on socially-engaged, political and activist art exploring the boundaries of that which we might consider a socially transformative praxis. A critique of capitalism, waged-labour and work permeates his activity. His interests are primarily in Postanarchist, Autonomist Marxist, and Situationist theory.

Since 2003 Andy has worked as part of the artist collective Black Dogs and has exhibited nationally and internationally: from self-organised public interventions in Leeds, to commissioned events at Tate Modern and presentations and workshops in Italy and Greece. Past Black Dogs projects include the initiation of ‘Black Lab’ - an autonomous knowledge-production project (free art school) in South Leeds – and a dialogue-focused exhibition at MK Gallery that asked Milton Keynes residents to imagine and describe a future city situated on the recently discovered planet.

Andy’s individual practice has ranged from the organisation of public events working with amateur and hobby groups in postindustrial towns (the ‘Festival of Pastimes’ projects) to self-contained video and book works, visual scores, composition and performances including the ‘A Serious Waste of Time’ exhibition in 2011.

Andy’s entrance point into art and self-organised cultural activity was through his involvement in the DIY music scene. He continues to play in bands that tour the international DIY network, releases records through his own imprint and other independent labels and curates and organises music events and festivals in Yorkshire.

Andy lectured in Fine Art on the foundation course at Leeds College of Art prior to his appointment as Fellow in Music at University of Bradford. He is a steering group member of Leeds Creative Timebank (an alternative non-cash economy to help support artistic activity in the city) and Art in Unusual Spaces (a Community Interest Company that helps make vacant and disused city-centre spaces available to artists).

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Andy Abbott

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