Research Objectives

CONEXS has three research objectives:

1. Establish a Strong UK X-ray Spectroscopy Community
The aim of research objective 1 will be to establish CONEXS as a core component of the UK research effort in this area. This will be achieved by:

  • Nurturing a forum for theory and experiment-theory synergy in the area of X-ray spectroscopy.
  • Establishing an annual conference for experimental and theoretical X-ray spectroscopy.
  • Setting up training events for advanced techniques in analysis of X-ray spectroscopy.

2. A Virtual Beam line for Diamond Light Source (DLS)
The aim of research objective 2 is to solidify the CONEXS network to establish a mechanism for it to act alongside existing DLS experimental beamlimes, and in effect deliver a virtual beamline for the benefit of the wider user community. The central focus here is to increase our capability to interpret the experimental data, which ultimately will increase the research outputs from X-ray spectroscopy at DLS and the participating research teams.

3. Broaden Beyond X-ray Spectroscopy
Once CONEXS has been established for X-ray spectroscopy, the aim of research objective 3 is to broaden its scope to other area of X-ray science, such as diffraction and imaging.