LSI - Zhejiang University visit

Visit of a delegation from the Life Sciences Institute (LSI) at Zhejiang University, China

On 6th to 8th May 2015, the Director of the LSI, Professor Xin-Hua Feng, together with Professors Fangwei Wang and Bin Zhao, visited Newcastle at the invitation of Jon Higgins of the Cell Division Biology Group to learn about research in the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Newcastle, with the aim of building research and student links between the institutions.

At the "LSI-Newcastle Biomedicine Mini-Symposium" on the 6th May, Prof Feng gave a Faculty Lecture outlining the history and research of LSI, before discussing his work on TGF-beta signalling. Prof Wang outlined his research on the role of Haspin in regulating cell division, and Prof Zhao discussed the role of the Hippo pathway in organ size control and cancer. Neil Perkins and Janet Quinn (ICaMB, Newcastle), and Derek Mann (ICM, Newcastle) also spoke. The visitors met with a variety of other faculty members, including Deborah Henderson, Acting Dean for Research and Innovation; Ann Daly, Associate Dean for Internationalisation; and ICaMB Director Bob Lightowlers.

Dr Wang of LSI has been awarded a Royal Society-NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China) Newton Advanced Fellowship to carry out a three-year collaborative project with Jon Higgins of the Cell Division Bology Group.

Zhejiang University is in the beautiful city of Hangzhou and is one of the most prestigious Chinese universities, commonly ranked in the top 5 HEIs in China. The LSI, founded in 2009, has recruited outstanding scientists selected from internationally highly competitive applicants, and has a mission to conduct original, cutting-edge research in a multi/inter-disciplinary manner, to understand the fundamental mechanisms of life, to integrate basic biological studies with clinical research on major diseases, and to improve health care that is vital to the nation’s well-being (more information on LSI).

Photos and other details of the visit at the Zhejiang University and LSI websites (and in Chinese).

published on: 26th May 2015

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