Inaugural Cell Division Biology Symposium 2016

To celebrate the inauguration of the Cell Division Biology (CDB) Research Group, and to promote collaboration both within and outside it, we held a one-day symposium in Newcastle on 4th July. Talks from students, postdoctoral scientists and PIs from the ten CDB laboratories exemplified the breadth and quality of work within the group, but we also welcomed four excellent external speakers. In the first session, Marie-Hélène Verlhac (CIRB, Collége de France) discussed her fascinating insights into the influence of cytoplasmic actin on nucleus centering in oocytes and Nate Goehring (Francis Crick Institute, UK) beautifully illustrated the design principles of the PAR polarity network during early divisions in nematode embryos. After lunch, Iain Cheeseman (Whitehead Institute/MIT, USA) enthused us all about kinetochore biology and the benefits of new CRISPR technology for mitosis research, while Julie Welburn (University of Edinburgh, UK) explained the molecular mechanism of MCAK motors, engaging the audience by handing out edible “microtubules”!

The meeting was attended by approximately 60 scientists, over 40 of whom also enjoyed the symposium dinner afterwards. It was an intensive day, but the informal atmosphere encouraged active discussions during the sessions and afterwards. There was strong interest in holding similar symposia in the future. We thank the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Newcastle University and the Biochemical Society for their generous sponsorship.

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