Covalent CDK inhibitor discovered

Jane Endicott's lab, in collaboration with Prof Griffin and others at the NICR, have designed and tested the first selective covalent inhibitor of Cdk2. The study is published in the latest edition of Chemistry and Biology.


Elizabeth Anscombe, Elisa Meschini, Regina Mora-Vidal, Mathew P. Martin, David Staunton, Matthis Geitmann, U. Helena Danielson, Will A. Stanley, Lan Z. Wang, Tristan Reuillon, Bernard T. Golding , Celine Cano, David R. Newell, Martin E.M. Noble, Stephen R. Wedge, Jane A. Endicott, Roger J. Griffin.

Identification and Characterization of an Irreversible Inhibitor of CDK2. Chemistry and Biology 22, 17 September 2015, Pages 1159–1164

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