Pre-registrations are research statements of intention established before a sample is evaluated and statistical inferences are undertaken. A pre-registration asserts the aim of a study, including its research questions and statistical hypotheses, methods, incl. operationalization of independent variables (IVs) and dependent variables (DVs), sample and analysis specification. 

The primary reason for a pre-registration lies in the fact that a statistical inference (Null Hypothesis Significance Testing) is only valid if the statistical hypotheses are fixed before the inference is undertaken. This is grounded in a p-value being a conditional likelihood contingent on the fixed null hypothesis assumed to be true. Furthermore, pre-registrations serve as a ward against questionable research practices, such as outcome-switching, hypothesizing after the results are known (HARKing), or p-hacking... it is meant to counteract the many temptations of researcher degrees of freedom. 

Pre-registrations are typically committed confidentially under embargo, with an immutable time-stamp. Once the corresponding study is published, the embargo is lifted.

Public Registrations

The embargo on the following registrations have been lifted. They have been de-anonymized and made public.

Registration: Revisiting the Factor Structure of IUIPC-10 PDF 138Kb

This study registration is about the factor analysis, validity and reliability analysis of the privacy concern scale IUIPC.

The registration was made on the Open Science Framework. The immutable pre-registration form is dated 2020-04-28 3:27 PM.

This registration supported an output in the area of in .

Pre-Registration Power, PPV and Publication Bias of Cyber Security User Studies PDF 136Kb

Pre-registration of our analysis of statistical reliability of 10 years of cyber security user studies.

Registered on the Open Science Framework. The immutable pre-registration is dated 2020-07-02 6:37 PM

This pre-registration supported an output in , as part of .

Pre-Registration: Statistical Reporting in Cyber Security User Studies PDF 159Kb

Thomas Groß. Pre-Registration - Statistical Reporting in Cyber Security User Studies. Open Science Framework,, 2019. Filed immutable pre-registration: 2019-02-05 5:28 PM. Supports an output in . 

Pre-Registration: RCT on the Impact of Affect on Privacy Behavioral Intention PDF 154Kb

This pre-registration governs our . It is registered on the Open Science Framework as: 

Uchechi Phyllis Nwadike and Thomas Groß. Pre-Registration - Random-Controlled Trial on the Effect of Induced Incidental Affect States [Fear/Happiness] on Privacy Behavioural Intentions. Open Science Framework,, 2019. Filed immutable pre-registration: 2019-02-11 11:47 AM.

It is part of our outputs in and contributes to .

Pre-Registration: Analysis of 3D-Secure Fraud Model PDF 129Kb

The is the pre-registration of our analysis of the , an output in . The study was conducted in parts to evaluate the process of conducting an experiment with contemporaty best practices for research, incl. pre-registration, data publication, and data reproducibility (weaving all statistics into LaTeX with the R package knitr).

The pre-registration is available at its Open Science Framework repository. The archived immutable pre-registration was filed on the 2018-12-05 11:25 AM.

Registration: Impact of Fear & Stress on Password Choice PDF 140Kb

This experiment registration specifies the aim, methods, and data preparation of the study Impact of Fear and Stress on Password Choice of the CASCAde outputs.

It is logged on the Open Science Framework with timetamp: 2017-08-11 03:20 PM.