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ReCaptured | Revisiting and reconnecting is helping small businesses refocus.

This year ReCaptured continued to be online with the 2nd cohort of business owners and consultants. The past few years have been challenging for a lot of businesses, small and micro businesses in particular. ReCaptured gives previous participants of the Captured programme the opportunity to reflect on how their business has changed, where they are now and what they need support with. As part of the programme, we share tools and knowledge with the business owners to give them a new perspective. 

Captured and ReCaptured work by helping business owners develop practical solutions to their business issues by working closely with experienced managers from larger organisations. The manager/mentors can give a new perspective but, in the end, it’s the collaboration between the participants and consultants that yields effective actions.  

We also have an amazing team who deliver the programmes.The workshops are Facilitated by Fiona Whitehurst and Leigh Sear who introduce small business owners to useful tools and and help them to understand how to utilize them and cement that knowledge.  

If you would like to join the ReCaptured programme and be part of a growing and supportive community of small and micro businesses in the North East, apply now here or contact Project Lead Fiona Whitehurst or Programme Coordinator Jo Singh 


Last modified: Wed, 02 Feb 2022 16:06:51 GMT