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Pop-Up Primer

Newcastle University, in collaboration with four fabulous local creative businesses, 3 of which took part in the Captured programme, hosted an exciting new pop-up retail event, which included interactive workshops and visual marketing training, to the North East. The Pop-up Primer was a workshop programme designed to develop the retail skills of local creative and food and drink businesses.

Businesses who joined this workshop programme, learned more about incorporating the pop-up format into their retail activities, and develop some of the unique skills that can help make pop-up retail a success. Hosted at Sook, a pop-up retail space in Metrocentre, Gateshead. These hands-on workshops should have helped boost visual marketing, product photography, and social media skills. Following the workshops, there was an opportunity to observe first-hand the potential of a pop-up shop, as well as promote businesses at this exciting retail event. Selected businesses also get the chance to put their learning in to action with a pop-up event taking place later in 2022.


Pop-up Pilot Promo Video



The Pop-up Primer Workshop Programme included the following workshops: 


Social Media Marketing with Corinne Lewis-Ward

During this workshop the Designer and founder of Powder Butterfly Corinne Lewis-Ward had taken participants through the key components to planning and implementing a successful sales and marketing strategy for pop up shop events. This session covered strategy but also practical considerations that must be considered for a successful event.  Participants were provided with some basic Canva training to create teir own flyer to help promote their businesses at forthcoming events.

Points covered were:  

  • Mission & Vision 
  • Collective Strategy
  • Social Media Content & Scheduling 
  • Newsletter Strategy 
  • Flyers 
  • Opportunities 
  • Launch Event activity 


Five Star Visual Marketing Success with Ann English 

Visual Marketing is the cost-effective silent salesperson according to Ann English. All businesses can benefit from learning how to achieve The Five Star Standard™ all the big brands use. Entrepreneurs can use these whenever and wherever their products or services are displayed, both in the real world and digitally online. In this experiential workshop Ann taught participants the fundamental Visual Marketing principles based on traditional Visual Merchandising techniques. It was demonstrated how they could apply them at no-cost or low-cost to create intrigue, attract customers and increase sales.  

A pop-up shop can be a big investment of your time, focus and money, so when entrepreneurs decide to do it, they need to stand out. During this workshop, Ann had taken participants on a visual journey from tabletop to pop-up shop, by presenting real life examples, success stories and creative solutions. She explained how to create intriguing displays that attract attention, engage with visitors, provide a memorable experience and raise brand awareness to boost sales. Attendees hopefully left with new ideas, as well as hints and tips around how to implement them.


Product Photography with Sue Todd

Photography is usually the first introduction to a brand, prospective customers see, therefore it needs to make the right impression.  The imagery can either convert those viewers to sales OR ensure they walk away! Obviously, all business owners want the first option, so Sue took the participants through a host of ideas and tips to illustrate how they can create imagery that attracts attention and drives those all-important sales.  Attendees hopefulluy took away ideas, hints, and tips to create far better imagery for their business. 


Customer Profiling and Service Styles with Viv Wiggins, Actor and Drama Failitator

Purpose: As a designer/maker you will all have had experiences with customers that have left you feeling very positive and satisfied, particularly if you have established a good relationship with an ideal client. However, we also know that there are situations when we come across customers who are not the ideal client, and maybe times when we are not the ideal seller. In this highly interactive workshop, we will explore and act out a variety of customer and seller personas. You will leave with increased confidence to handle all customer encounters to ensure a positive outcome and some handy hints and tips on what might work for you and your business.



Support and Funding

This project is also supported by Newcastle University’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences’ Participatory Action Research Fund.



If you have any questions about this programme, get in touch:


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