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Online Masterclass | Smoother Sailing Communicating Online

The focus of this masterclass was on how we can manage our own emotions when dealing with difficult people.  We are living through strange times where most of our communications are now conducted either via a digital screen, behind a perspex sheet or indeed a mask.  The collective trauma that people are experiencing in trying to navigate even the simplest parts of life is inevitably having a knock-on effect on how we are communicating with each other.

Nancy Radford is a mediator and coach with vast experience in helping people to communacte better to resolve conflict.  She led the group through a series of exercises to consider the people they communicate with and who they find difficult. She described these people as 'sandpaper people' who just manage to rub you up the wrong way or irritate you. However, just as sandpaper brings out the beauty of wood, these people teach us about ourselves and help to 'smooth' out any rough spots.

In these confusing times, taking a moment to reflect on how we are communicating is so important and will help us to view others with more compassion and understanding.

Last modified: Mon, 08 Feb 2021 15:05:29 GMT