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Online Masterclass | Marketing on a Budget

What links a Mason jar and a public toilet?

This was just one of the questions posed at our latest Masterclass last week, hosted by Vicki Stone of the Stone Collective marketing agency.

Small business and micro enterprise owners' attention is split between the many operational needs of their business and for some, marketing can be time consuming and confusing.

Vicki took the participants through an interactive session to ignite their creativity and help them to think about about how to market their business on a budget. Participants were asked to bring along a random household object (cue the Mason jar) and worked in groups to generate ideas to reimagine and repurpose their items.  There were some interesting ideas, possibly not all of which will be hitting the stores any time soon!

The session concluded with a short-ish marketing surgery where Vicki and the group supported eachother by sharing any marketing niggles they had and working together to come up with creative ideas and solutions. One of the wonderful aspects of the Captured programme is how keen the businesses are to support each other.

Our next masterclass is a mini resolutions retreat scheduled for Friday 3rd July which will provide a reflective space for Captured participants to consider work and work/life values and how best to set realistic goals at a time when the space to focus is stretched or maybe feels non-existent.

If you would like to find our more about how you can take part in the Captured Programme or would like to join one of the masterclass sessions, please email

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