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Online Masterclass | Improving Your Odds of Success with 2-Way Communication

With the success of video conferencing since lock-down, we decided to look at whether the Captured programme and our planned Masterclasses could also be delivered in this way - the answer was 'let's give it a go'!   The first session we had planned was with Nancy Radford of Nancy Radford Mediation & Coaching on the subject of communication. 
Improve your odds of success with better TWO-WAY communication

We all want to improve our communication - whether it is in person or by phone, email, text or video. Most often, the focus is on transmitting rather than receiving and processing information and views. 
As a mediator and conflict resolution coach, Nancy finds breakdowns in all three areas can fuel conflict. So she not only coaches people how to speak in a way that people are more likely to listen but also how to improve the way they receive and process information.  If you receive and process the information correctly, your transmission is more likely to be effective.
In this interactive session, Nancy showed us
  • insights into why we all occasionally act unreasonably
  • how the stories we tell ourselves can shape not only our own actions, but the way people react to us and treat us.
  • practical and research-based ways of improving
    • the way you receive unpleasant or surprising information
    • how you think and plan to act on that information
    • the way you express yourself so that other people are more likely to listen
  • resources to tap into

The event was a great success and we had 11 people join us for the 2-hour workshop.  We will be planning further workshops as soon as possible, so will keep you posted via email.  If you do not already receive emails from us and would like to find out more about the Captured Programme and our masterclasses, please email

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