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Online Masterclass | Find your Superpower

Do you get stuck ‘doing’ rather than ‘dreaming’ about your BIG Vision?.. Following her TEDx Newcastle talk ‘The Clarity Quest’ we invited Ann to deliver her next level ‘Showcase Your Superpower’ Masterclass. 

Printable VisualDoodles enabled participants to unlock their imagination by putting pen to paper to define their why, create their own Superpower and Core Value Compass.

Ann enabled the participants to discover their 'why' and core values in a visual and engaging way.

Here are just a few of the comments from participants:

“Thank you for delivering an inspirational and energising masterclass for the Alumni of the Captured Programme. What an emotional journey it turned out to be - who knew finding your why could make you cry? Well Ann did of course.”

"Amazing. It’s confirming the direction I am going in to build on my why - hopefully I might be brave enough to share it with the world when it’s done!"

"This has been so useful as the words apply to me in my current business as well as the field I'm moving into. It's been really empowering"

“We all came away enthused, invigorated and re-energised having discovered our why and superpower.”

“Incredibly helpful. It really does clarify what one wants to do. It needs sharing to so many people.”


If you would like to find out more about how the Captured programme could help your business, email

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