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Online Masterclass | Creating a long-term new business pipeline

In this session Karen from Most Sensational took the participants through the process of generating new leads for business. Karen looked at the importance of carving out regular time slots to work strategically on the business, how not to waste time following dead leads and why you should use new technologies to your advantage. Karen crammed a huge amount of useful information into 90 minutes so I’m sure you’ll enjoy the rerun.

This is the first time we’ve recorded one of our masterclasses and we'd like to continue doing that in the future. This way we'll be able to create a library you can go back to. However, there were interactive elements with the participants that are not in the recording, so some parts may appear slightly disjoined.

Our next masterclass will be coming up in January with For the Love of the North’s Lucy Hull.

Last modified: Fri, 03 Dec 2021 21:54:52 GMT