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Masterclass | Making Sense Of Media

Participants of our newest Masterclass with Jule Wilson got some first-rate tips about approaching media as a small business owner.

PR as an industry is quite unregulated, so this is something to be mindful of when contracting someone to work with your business. One way of making sure you are working with a credible, and capable PR professional is that they are CIPR accredited (Chartered Institute of Public Relations). 

PR is a tool, which helps you harness your reputation and present yourself how you want to.

Media outlets and journalists are always on the lookout for stories. By identifying which are right for you and sharing your stories you can use them strategically to get your message out to your target audience – saving you time and money. If you can make your story targeted, and exclusive to the chosen media outlet, then you’re on to a winner!

In this masterclass Jule shares her vast knowledge and expertise in PR, discusses how to familiarise yourself with the different styles of writing used for different media such as print, digital and social media and how in an interview body language and tone can make you or break you. Jule gave some thought-provoking insight, top tips on how to present yourself and and why you should never say “No Comment!”  Find out more by watching the masterclass recording below or get in touch with Jule at Jule Wilson Communication.

Masterclass recording from 18th March 2022:

Our next Masterclass will be coming up in May with Jackie Latham from Jackdaw Web Design.

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