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Captured Masterclass | Managing Wellbeing and Building Resilience

We hosted our second Captured masterclass last week, this time with John Sunderland-Wright of the NFE Group on the topic of managing wellbeing and building personal resilience. John took the group through a series of exercises to illustrate how we fool ourselves into thinking we can multi-task when in reality, we are switching from task to task causing our effectiveness to decrease and stress levels to increase!


John then invited everyone to attempt a world record of throwing a ball around, in a circle, without dropping it. As well as being a lot of fun this exercise demonstrated effective team-working and how much easier tasks become when we focus.

John also conducted a live demonstration showing how a simple breathing exercise can regulate the heart rate and create coherence with the brain. The brave participant’s heart rate was initially quite erratic – completely understandable under the circumstances – then via the live-link to the heart rate monitor (shown in the below image), the audience was able to observe the effect this exercise had on the volunteer’s heart rate from erratic to a steady and rhythmic pattern.

More Captured Masterclasses are planned for the coming months, including how to deal with difficult people, story-telling and accessing finance for your business.

Last modified: Wed, 25 Sep 2019 13:13:45 BST