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Captured Masterclass | Let's Talk About Money

Nicola Jayne Little of MINT Business Club facilitated the session and led the group through a series of activities to help them get to grips with the basics of money in their businesses. Some of the topics included:

  • Pricing and paying ourselves
  • Personal targets and aspirations
  • Our why - the driving force behind our small businesses
  • The real costs of our business activities

NEL Fund Managers offer loans and equity investments to businesses in the North East, and The Mint Business Club is a North East based community of business people who support each other in running their own business via an online and events and activities.

The second part of this masterclass will be facilitated by BluSky Chartered Accountants and will take place on the 21st October as part of Women's Entrepreneurship Week 2019  #WEW2019

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