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Captured for Ceatives

Since its launch in January 2016, Captured has worked with over 140 small and micro-businesses in the region, pairing them with experienced managers from more than 30 larger businesses. Captured works on the principle that experienced managers from larger organisations can be a valuable resource for small business owners who might otherwise struggle to find time to step back and look strategically at their business. 

Creative Fuse North East is a collaborative project delivered by all five North East universities. By ‘exploring possibility and connecting creativity’ the project supports the region’s creative, cultural and digital economy to grow and develop and encourages creative-led innovation benefitting the wider regional economy. 

Captured for Creatives started this month and we welcomed the following 7 fantastic creatives: 

Ashleigh King - AK Creative Consultancy Ltd  
Ann English - Create Intrigue  
Corinne Lewis-Ward - Powder Butterfly  
Lissie Connor - Lissie Connor Dance 
Noriko Matsubara - Artist, children's book author & illustrator  
Shakti SoodSons of Adonis 
 Viv Wiggins -  Actor and drama facilitator  

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