Project Name

Knowledge Transfer Partnership. Novel numerical modelling approaches for environmental solutions in policy applications




May 2010 - July 2014

Project Leader

Aileen Mill

Project Collaborators

Pete Robertson, Alistair Murray, Graham Smith. (FERA)

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KTP in spatial modelling in environmental systems, with FERA

Project Description


The Knowledge Transfer Partnership between Fera andNewcastleUniversityis a 3 year program of work under theUKgovernment KTP scheme. The partnership builds on the existing Memorandum of Understanding and joint working under the virtual centre the Centre for Life Science and biological Modelling between theSchoolofBiologyatNewcastleUniversityand Fera.

The objectives of this Knowledge Transfer Partnership include transfer of novel modelling approaches from development in the academic environment to application in environmental and food research. The main area of research is spatial and temporal modelling processes for heterogeneous and complex systems. The partnership will develop generic systems for applying modelling approaches across the spectrum of Fera activities and will provide a rapid application of model development to the policy domain.

The project aims to develop a suite of generic modelling tools and profomas that can be used by a wide range of Fera staff.