About our Project

 Autistic people are on average more likely to experience poor health than people who are not on the autism spectrum. Some autistic people do not seek health care because health professionals and services do not provide the adaptations needed. Health checks identify some important conditions that affect health and wellbeing and are available to some people through the UK National Health Service (NHS).


This study will create a health check for autistic adults for use in Primary Care (NHS General Practice) and evaluate its use.

The project has three stages:

STAGE 1:  Identifying barriers and facilitators to primary care access for autistic adults (January to April 2019 - completed).

STAGE 2: Designing and piloting a health check for autistic adults in collaboration with autistic adults, relatives/supporters of autistic adults and primary care health professionals (May 2019 to December 2022 - completed).

STAGE 3: Trialling the health check to explore its acceptability, feasibility and effectiveness in improving health related outcomes for autistic adults (Spring 2022 to 2024 - not yet started).