Health Checks for Autistic Adults

Many autistic people have said that they find accessing healthcare difficult. Autistic people have also said that identifying their health needs, and managing appointments with professionals can also be difficult. Health checks can identify important conditions that affect health and wellbeing and are available to people through the NHS.

We have developed a health check for autistic adults for use in Primary Care (NHS General Practice). This health check has been developed in partnership with autistic people, carers and supporters of autistic adults, and Primary Care staff – all working with us in our team.

In this study, we will find out whether this health check is acceptable to autistic people and whether there is evidence that it improves health outcomes. We will also find out whether it is feasible to deliver in the NHS.

The study is led by Professor Jeremy Parr and Dr Barry Ingham alongside a consortium of autistic people, health professionals and researchers.

The trial is sponsored by Cumbria, Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust and funded by Autistica and NHS England.

If you would like to read more about the different stages of this study please click 'About our Project'. We are currently working on Stage 3.