The ACHILLES Programme Grant

‌Peter Helm, Paul Hughes, Tom Dijkstra, Jimmy Boyd, Kate Dobson, William Powrie, John Preston, Stefano Utili, Harry Postill, Ali Smith
Chris Kilsby, Ross Stirling, David Gunn, David Toll, Mo Rouainia, Stephanie Glendinning, Darren Wilkinson, Neil Dixon, Jon Chambers, Joel Smethurst
Not on photo: Kevin Briggs, Fleur Loveridge, David Milledge, Anthony Blake, Ashraf El-Hamalawi, Richard Court

Achilles (Assessment, Costing and Enhancement of Long - Life, Long-Linear Assets) is an EPSRC Funded Programme Grant, which started on 1st July 2018 and will run for 54 months. It forms a unique opportunity uniting 6 academic institutions and the BGS, coalescing their field, laboratory and computing facilities. Combined with a large cohort of PhD students and an experienced stakeholder community in close collaboration as project partners, we undertake world-leading science and create long-term legacy.

It aims to address the deterioration of long-linear infrastructure assets in order to create a more reliable future by developing knowledge and tools for predicable and improved long-term asset preformance at an affordable cost.

Achilles will build on and enhance the Consortium's complimentary skills, deep understanding of the issues, reputation and industry interactions. Since deterioration of such assets is currently an industry priority, we will link into current, ongoing pan-industry projects and engage with the National Infrastructure Commission assessment method.