The main website for ACHILLES can be found at: - please use the link provided for up-to-date information and details of the research and activities.

ACHILLES, is an EPSRC funded Programme Grant, starting on 1 July 2018 and running for 54 months.

Our long-term vision is for the UK's infrastructure to deliver consistent, affordable and safe services, underpinned by intelligent design, management and maintenance.
We address the challenge to bring together new advances in research and technology with design and asset management practices from different long linear assets (LLAs) to reduce the risks posed to infrastructure systems by deterioration of geotechnical assets.

The team

This programme grant is funded by the EPSRC and forms a unique opportunity uniting 6 academic institutions and the BGS, coalescing their field, laboratory and computing facilities. Combined with a large cohort of PhD students and an experienced stakeholder community in close collaboration as project partners, we undertake world-leading science and create a long-term legacy.

The Programme

The functioning of infrastructure systems is dependent upon the ground beneath or around its assets (e.g. pylon, pipe or rail track). Tools to assess, monitor, design and repair the performance of the ground are fundamental.

ACHILLES will deliver these tools through three Research Challenges:

  1. Deterioration Processes
  2. Asset Performance
  3. Forecasting and Decision Support.