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GEM-SET will capture the activities of, and formalise a structure for, various research projects and publications and other SET related activities and initiatives currently underway at the Small Enterprise Research Unit (SERU). These projects include the HE ESF National project “SET Innovation Equality” and the ESRC project “The Impact of Gender & Ethnicity Innovation on Regional Technology, Economy and Society”. SERU have already engaged in dialogue with government representatives (DTI, DfES) regarding this subject through discussions held by Oxford University for the ESRC ‘Science in Society’ Programme.

The introduction of GEM-SET will serve a number of purposes; firstly it will research the theme of high level economic activities and innovation amongst women and ethnic minorities in the SET labour market; secondly it will operate a number of workshops and initiatives aimed at encouraging the participation of children and young adults in the SET subject area; thirdly, it will act as a bridge and a hub for activities and initiatives relating to these issues in the faculties of HASS and SAgE at Newcastle University.


GEM-SET will produce several outputs relating to its core function of promoting equality and diversity in scientific education and research. These include the following;

  • Aid public and private organisations with workshops and promotional events to proomote diversity in SET

  • Identification of role models from the female and ethnic minority segments of the SET labour market

  • Production of case studies on these role models for use in promotional literature

  • The production and presentation of promotional events for the University to encourage applications from these population segments to SET degrees and postgraduate programmes

  • The collection of data from participants in workshops and other promotional events for use in empirical research related to SET projects

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