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Articles (12.03.18): R. Rutherford, 'Herodotean Ironies', March 2018

Reviews (18.03.18): J. Szidat on F.C. Jenkins, Ammianus Marcellinus   •|•   M. Casevitz on N. G. Wilson, ed., Herodoti Historiae: Libri I–IV; and id., Herodotea: Studies on the Text of Herodotus   •|•   J.P. Stronk on B. Mineo, ed., Justin: Abrégé des Histoires Philipiques de Trogue Pompée. Tome I: Livres I–X   •|•   A. Maiuri on E. Lelli, Sud antico. Diario di una ricerca tra filologia ed etnologia

Supplements (13.09.17): J. L. Moles, A Commentary on Plutarch’s Brutus


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