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HISTOS 10 (2016)





GIANPAOLO URSO, La nuova Budé di Cassio Dione XXXVI-XXXVII (on Dion Cassius, Histoire Romaine. Livres 36 & 37. Edited by G. Lachenaud. Translated with Commentary by G. Lachenaud and M. Coudry), January 2016


CHRISTOPHER BURDEN-STREVENS, Historical Knowledge and Historiographical Narratives in the Severan Period (on A. M. Kemezis, Greek Narratives of the Roman Empire under the Severans: Cassius Dio, Philostratus, and Herodian), March 2016


CHRISTOPHER BARON,  A Major Collection on Ephorus (on P. de Fidio and C. Talamo, edd., Eforo di Cuma nella storia della storiografia greca), April 2016


P. J. RHODES, Hobbes's Thucydides (on L. Iori, Thucydides Anglicus: Gli Eight Bookes di Thomas Hobbes e la ricezione inglese delle Storie di Tucidide (1450–1642)), June 2016





ARNALDO MARCONE, Le sfide della scrittura storica: Rostovtzeff e Bickerman (on J. G. Manning, ed., Writing History in Time of War. Michael Rostovtzeff, Elias Bickerman and the ‘Hellenization of Asia’), January 2016


EDOARDO BIANCHI, Mitridate come chiave di lettura di Trogo-Giustino (on L. Ballesteros Pastor, Pompeyo Trogo, Justino y Mitrídates: Comentario al Epítome de las Historias Filípicas (37, 1, 6-38, 8, 1)), January 2016


FILIPPO BATTISTONI, L'importanza degli inizi (on N. Mac Sweeney, ed., Foundation Myths in Ancient Societies. Dialogues and Discourses), January 2016


ERNEST VAN ECK, The Construction of Jesus as an Historical Person (on J. G. Crossley, Jesus and the Chaos of History: Redirecting the Life of the Historical Jesus), January 2016


UWE WALTER, Authority and Constitution: A Postmodern Livy (on A. Haimson Lushkov, Magistracy and the Historiography of the Roman Republic. Politics in Prose), February 2016


FELIX K. MAIER, Verschwimmende Grenzen: Griechische Historiographie zwischen Thucydides und Polybios (on G. Parmeggiani, ed., Between Thucydides and Polybius. The Golden Age of
Greek Historiography
), February 2016


JAMES MORGAN, The Rhetoric of Divine Testimony (on J. R. McConnell, The Topos of Divine Testimony in Luke-Acts), February 2016


KARL-JOACHIM HÖLKESKAMP, A New Reading of Livy's First Pentad (on A. Vasaly, Livy’s Political Philosophy. Power and Personality in Early Rome), February 2016


ALESSANDRO BARCHIESI, A Commentator's Commentary? Horsfall on Aeneid VI (on N. Horsfall, Virgil, ‘Aeneid’ 6. A Commentary), February 2016


GIOVANNI PARMEGGIANI,The Many Faces of History (on K. Raaflaub, ed., Thinking, Recording, and Writing History in the Ancient World), February 2016


FEDERICO SANTANGELO, Taking Antiquarianism Seriously: the World of Gaetano Marini (on M. Buonocore, ed., Gaetano Marini (1742–1815) protagonista della cultura europea. Scritti per il bicentenario della morte), February 2016


ISABELLE COGITORE, Les Sentii Saturnini entre historiographie, rhétorique et prosopographie (on A. Pistellato, Stirpem Nobilitavit Honor: La memoria dei Senzi Saturnini tra retorica e storiografia), March 2016


NEIL ADKIN, Jerome and Classical Mythology (on K. C. Ronnenberg, Mythos bei Hieronymus. Zur christlichen Transformation paganer Erzählungen in der Spätantike), March 2016


TIMOTHY JOSEPH, A New Reading of Tacitus' Dialogus de Oratoribus (on C. S. van den Berg, The World of Tacitus’ Dialogus de Oratoribus. Aesthetics and Empire in Ancient Rome), March 2016


DAVID WARDLE, A Reassessment of Suetonius (on T. Power and R. K. Gibson, edd., Suetonius the Biographer. Studies in Roman Lives), May 2016


SALVADOR BARTERA, A New Edition of Annales XI (on S. J. V. Malloch, The Annals of Tacitus: Book 11), May 2016


JAN HAYWOOD, A Critical Update on Herodotus' Aithiopia (on L. Török, Herodotus in Nubia), May 2016


ALEXANDER THEIN, Caesar, Cicero, and Augustus (on C. Meier, Die Ohnmacht des allmächtigen Dictators Caesar. Drei biographische Skizzen), June 2016


JESSICA H. CLARK, Virgil and Ennius (on N. Goldschmidt, Shaggy Crowns: Ennius' Annales and Virgil's Aeneid), June 2016


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