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HISTOS 11 (2017)



KURT A. RAAFLAUB and JOHN T. RAMSEY, Reconstructing the Chronology of Caesar’s Gallic Wars, April 2017


CAILLAN DAVENPORT, The Sexual Habits of Caracalla: Rumour, Gossip, and Historiography, August 2017


CHRISTOPHER MALLAN, A Turkish Alexander? Michael Attaleiates, Porus, and Alexander The Great, August 2017


DANIEL W. MOORE, Proof Through the Night: Representations of Fire-Signaling in Greek Historiography, September 2017


CHRYSANTHOS S. CHRYSANTHOU, The Proems of Plutarch’s Lives and Historiography, September 2017


ANDREW G. SCOTT, Cassius Dio on Septimius Severus’ decennalia and ludi saeculares, November 2017








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