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HISTOS 10 (2016)



CHRISTOPHER B. KREBS, Thucydides in Gaul: The Siege of Plataea as Caesar’s Model for his Siege of Avaricum, February 2016


CHRISTOPHER MALLAN, Tiberius the Goat: An Addition to Champlin’s ‘Mallonia’, February 2016


GIUSTINA MONTI, Le Lettere di Alessandro: storia degli studi, February 2016


DARIO N. SÁNCHEZ-VENDRAMINI, Paideia and Self-Fashioning in Ammianus Marcellinus, May 2016


PIETRO MARIA LIUZZO, Saffo, Tucidide, Plutarco e la peste ad Atene, May 2016


JAN HAYWOOD, Divine Narratives in Xenophon's Anabasis, August 2016


JAMES ROY, Pausanias and Hadrian, Mantineia and Bithynion, December 2016







PIERRE SCHNEIDER, Again on the Elephants of Raphia: Re-examining Polybius' Historical Method in the Light of a DNA Survey




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