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HISTOS 10 (2016)



CHRISTOPHER B. KREBS, Thucydides in Gaul: The Siege of Plataea as Caesar’s Model for his Siege of Avaricum, February 2016


CHRISTOPHER MALLAN, Tiberius the Goat: An Addition to Champlin’s ‘Mallonia’, February 2016


GIUSTINA MONTI, Le Lettere di Alessandro: storia degli studi, February 2016


DARIO N. SÁNCHEZ-VENDRAMINI, Paideia and Self-Fashioning in Ammianus Marcellinus, May 2016


PIETRO MARIA LIUZZO, Saffo, Tucidide, Plutarco e la peste ad Atene, May 2016


JAN HAYWOOD, Divine Narratives in Xenophon's Anabasis, August 2016






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