If you would like to share your research interests and be added to this list of members please get in touch with us! 

Alicia Rodríguez Álvarez Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria                                                                                                       

Research area: punctuation as an aid to reading in early modern England, and traces of orality in written texts.

Beatriz del Rosario Medina Sánchez Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Research area: the diachronic analysis of the status and stated functions of punctuation marks which evolved from being aids to oral reading to being considered graphic symbols.

Irina Dumitrescu Bonn University

Research area: performance studies, charisma, language learning, bilingualism and writing by multilingual authors, and the use of sex,  violence and humour in teaching.

Jenni Hyde Manchester University; Trustee of the Historical Association

Research area:  early modern ballads, with particular reference to music and the use of ballads as historical evidence for politics, religion and the commonwealth.

Amanda Piesse Trinity College, Dublin

Research area: representations of knowledge and self-knowledge, especially in the early Tudor drama and in Shakespeare, with a growing interest in the theatre of revenge, scientific writing of the period, and writing for children and children's voices.