#virtualphotography is a research project by Dr Nick Rush-Cooper of Newcastle University School of Arts and Cultures.

Virtual photography is the practice of taking images (screenshots) of digital games and other virtual worlds. It has been referred to as a form of 'virtual tourism'.

The research aims to understand why and how virtual photographers take images and examine this creative practice in the context of wider cultures and histories of photography, landscape art and fan communities.

Take part

We are seeking virtual photographers to take part in interviews.
If you are interested in taking part, or have any questions, please contact Dr Nick Rush-Cooper

Who can take part?

Anyone who takes and shares virtual photographs of digital games. Including anyone who shares their images in online virtual photography communities, contests and on social media.

What will participating involve?

Participants will be invited to take part in a virtual "go-along" interview. You will be invited to privately stream your gameplay (via Discord or Zoom) whilst you take virtual photographs. The interview will take place whilst you stream. The interview will be based upon what you do whilst you stream, and will ask you about virtual photgraphy; how you got started, what it means to you, what you enjoy about it, etc. Interviews are expected to last 40-60 minutes.

How will my information be used?

Participants will be anonymous in any publication (e.g. research papers) produced from the project. Interviews recordings will only be used for the purposes of the research and will be stored only on secure storage managed by Newcastle University.


Header images Stefans02 (CC-BY)