About the Project

What is this project about?

Understanding Women's Holiday Relationships (UWHR) is an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) funded PhD research project. Based in the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology at Newcastle University, U.K, this project is looking to speak to women who are in or who have experienced a cross-cultural relationship with someone living locally to popular resort destinations within the Caribbean, Africa, South America and Middle East. 

Women who have taken part so far have shared experiences with local men in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Egypt and Tunisia but this research is not limited to these destinations.

To learn more about women’s holiday relationships, this research will explore the meanings and real life experiences of the ‘cross-cultural holiday relationship’ by listening to the accounts and stories tourist women give of the personal relationships and exeriences they shared with local men during their time away.

Why is this study being done?

This doctoral research project is being undertaken to find out more about the relationships and experiences shared between tourist women and local men in and from popular resort destinations that host western tourism. In particular, the project is interested in exploring how women talk about and reflect upon these relationships and experiences once they have returned home from their trips. This study is being conducted because little is known about holiday relationships comprising tourist women and local men in these regions. By talking to women about their experiences, this study aims to provide new insight into how experiences with local men may inform aspects of tourist women’s identity both at home and away.

Who is eligible to take part?

Women of all ages (18+) are invited to take part. Whether casual or more serious, ongoing or over, if you have shared a relationship with a local man who you met whilst you were on holiday, I'd like to here from you. Likewise, if you are not eligable to take part but you know someone who may be interested, please feel free to get in touch also. Relationships is an overarching term I use to infer to the great many experiences women may have shared with local men, from flings to marriage, to early relationships and courtships through to divorce-I have talked to women with numerous experiences and invite all to get in touch if interested.

What will participants have to do if they decide to take part?

To find out more about womens’ experiences, participants will be invited to take part in a confidential interview with me. Depending on the participant's location, this will take place either in person or via Skype. In the interview, participants will be asked to reflect upon and discuss their time abroad and the experiences and relationships they shared with someone local to the countries in which they went to on holiday. Participants do not have to answer questions that they do not feel comfortable with. Participants can withdraw from the study at any time and without giving any reason.

Interviews will last approximately 60-90 minutes in length depending on the answers given. 

Will participation in this study be kept confidential?

The information collected about participant’s experiences during the research will be confidential. The study will be anonymous and any details that are provided that could make you or anyone you discuss identifiable will be changed and will not feature in any transcriptions, reports or publications.

Where will the interviews take place?

Although the project is based in Newcastle, participants are not required to travel to Newcastle to take part (unless they already live locally). I will travel to participants to conduct this research, or interviews will take place via Skype. All face-to-faceinterviews will be conducted in a location that both the participant and myself agree is suitable. 

Who can I contact if I require further information?

If you feel you would like to discuss your participation further, you can contact me via email: uwhr.research2014@newcastle.ac.uk or by call or text to: 07809330618

 You may also view the details of my supervisory team.