Tyne-Forth Prehistory Forum
Image courtesy of Pete Topping - Dod Law, Northumberland


Our members come from a variety of backgrounds including the commercial, academic, amateur and volunteer sectors

The Forum is managed by a committee of the following members:

Chris FowlerNewcastle University
Richard Tipping Stirling University
Pete Topping English Heritage
Gavin MacGregor GUARD
Rachel Crellin Newcastle University
Arthur Anderson PhD Student, Durham University

The Membership

AAG Archaeology AAG Archaeology
Derek Alexander National Trust for Scotland
Lindsay Allason-Jones Centre for Interdisciplinary Artefact Studies, Newcastle University
Arthur Andersen Durham University
Deborah Andersen Durham County Council
Ian Armit Bradford University
Alex Bayliss English Heritage
Jack Boughey Peeblesshire Archaeological Society
Chris Bowles Scottish Borders Council
Gillian Brown Peeblesshire Archaeological Society
James Bruhn RCAHMS
David Brummet Coquetdale Community Archaeology
Chris Burgess Northumberland County Council
Lindsey Buster Bradford University
Chris Butterworth Coquetdale Community Archaeology
Peter Carne Archaeological Services, Durham University
Mike Church Durham University
David Clarke National Museums Scotland
Rob Collins Portable Antiquities Scheme, North-East England
Ian Colquhoun Durham University
Murray Cook Oxford Archaeology North
Trevor Cowie National Museum Scotland
David Cowley RCAHMS
Sheila Day Northumberland Archaeology Group
John Davis Northumberland Archaeology Group
John Dent Scottish Borders Council
Andy Dunwell CFA Archaeology
Joyce Durham Peeblesshire Archaeological Society
Benjamin Edwards Liverpool University
Barbara Esslemont Northumberland Archaeology Group
Barrie Evans Border Archaeological Society Berwick Upon Tweed
Hannah Flint Newcastle University
Chris Fowler Newcastle University
Paul Frodsham North Pennines AOB
Tim Gates
Myra Giesen ICCHS, Newcastle University
Tom Gledhill DEFRA
Eric Glendinning Haddington History Society
Donald Gordon Trimontium Trust
Seren Griffiths Cardiff University
Stratford Halliday RCAHMS
Derek Hamilton Leicester University
Colin Haselgrove Leicester University
David Heslop Newcastle City Council
Fraser Hunter National Museum Scotland
Peter Jacko Peeblesshire Archaeological Society
Ben Johnson Archaeological Research Services Ltd.
Robert Johnston Sheffield University
Chris Jones Northumberland National Park
David Jones Coquetdale Community Archaeology
Catherine Knops Archaeology Scotland
Bob Knox Peeblesshire Archaeological Society
John Lawson Edinburgh City Council
Olivia Lelong GUARD (Aberdeen)
Gordon MacDonald Hawick Archaeological Society
Gavin MacGregor GUARD
Lesley Macinnes Historic Scotland
Rod McCullagh Historic Scotland
Jo McKenzie Bradford University
Adrian Maldonado University of Glasgow
Robin Mason Hawick Archaeological Society
Aron Mazel ICCHS, Newcastle University
David Miller Northumberland Archaeology Group
Dana Millson Durham University
Roger Miket
Tom Moore Durham University
Gordon Moir Northumberland Archaeology Group
Jennifer Morrison Newcastle City Council
Paul Murtagh Durham University
Brendan O'Connor Bronze Age metalwork specialist
Alastair Oswald English Heritage
Andrew Parkin Great North Museum
David Passmore Newcastle University
Kristian Pedersen
Rachel Pope Liverpool University
Jenny Proctor Pre-Construct Archaeology
Ian Ralston Edinburgh University
Daniel Rhodes National Trust for Scotland
Phil Richardson Newcastle University and Archaeology Scotland
Sara Rushton Northumberland County Council
Ann Russell Swaledale and Arkengarthdale Archaeology Group
John Russell Swaledale and Arkengarthdale Archaeology Group
Jeff Sanders SCARF team/Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
Alan Saville National Museums Scotland
Elizabeth Schech Durham University
Alison Sheridan National Museums Scotland
Stephen Sherlock Leicester University
Biddy Simpson East Lothian County Council
Steve Speak Tyne and Wear Museums
Andrew SuddonHawick Archaeology Society
Pete Topping English Heritage
Richard Tipping University of Stirling
Clive Waddington Archaeological Research Services Ltd.
Sam Walsh UCLan
Erin Watson Newcastle University
Jane Webster Newcastle University
Adam Welfare RCAHMS
Kate Wilson English Heritage
Elizabeth Young Newcastle University
Rob Young English Heritage