SusTEM2019 presentation slides

Keynote: Decarbonising Heat for Buildings and Industry — Thinking Innovatively, Evaluating Critically by Professor Emeritus Geoffrey P Hammond, University of Bath, UK

Keynote: Efficient Utilization of Low Grade Heat by Integrated Network Approaches by Professor Ruzhu Wang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Keynote: Decarbonisation of Transport Modes by Professor Tony Roskilly, Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research, UK

Keynote: Graphene based Supercapacitors for Energy Storage: from Atomic Mechanism to Applications by Professor Zheng Bo, Zhejiang University, China



Day 1 Session 1 Track 1:  Cooling

Indirect evaporative cooling for achieving high energy efficiency by Professor Kim Choon Ng (Saudi Arabia)

Dynamic optimization based integrated operations of the desiccant wheel air conditioning system by Dr Rongpeng Zhang (USA)

Modeling and optimization of a water-to-water falling film evaporator by Dr Bin Hu (China)

Membrane evaporation in CO2 chemical absorption process using a polybenzimidazole film by Miss Zenghua Song (China)

Day 1 Session 1 Track 2: Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage

The effect of incorporation Mg ions into the crystal lattice of CaO on high temperature CO2 capture  by Professor Shengping Wang (China)

Retrofitting a natural gas combined cycle with post-combustion CO2 capture for power matched by Dr Abigail Gonzalez-Diaz (Mexico)

Utilising industrial carbon emissions in polyethylene furanoate (PEF) production with heat supplemented by solar energy: a case study using life cycle assessment by Dr Janie Ling-Chin (UK)

Performance analysis for post-combustion CO2 capture from a natural gas combined cycle power plant using activated carbon by Dr Long Jiang (UK)



Day 1 Session 2 Track 1: Waste Heat Utilisation and Recovery

Thermodynamic and economic comparison of organic Rankine cycle (ORC) and CO2-cycle systems in internal combustion engine (ICE) waste-heat recovery applications by Dr Jian Song (UK)

Modeling and system analysis of optimized trigeneration system of electrical-heating-cooling energies from textile wastewater for industrial low-grade heat recovery by Mr Mohammad Javad Dehghani (Republic of Korea)

Performance analysis on hybrid absorption-compression heat pump using normal-temperature compressor for high-temperature applications by Dr Peng Gao (China)

Thermodynamic analysis of a novel ejector enhanced vapour compression cycle driven by electricity and low-grade heat by Mr Fahid Riaz (Singapore)

Day 1 Session 2 Track 2: Materials

Fabrication and characterization of electrospun fatty acid form-stable phase change fibers in the presence of copper nanoparticles by Miss Ning Xie (China)

Improving the adsorption performance of composite lithium chloride and activated carbon fiber by adding magnesium sulfate with a new method by Mr Mojtaba Ejeian (China)

Thermal management of mineral trioxide aggregate through configuration of thermodynamic quantities by Mr Saravana Karthikeyan (Republic of Korea)

The integration of Optic Variable Wall (OVW) and insulation layer for energy saving in buildings by Dr Cheng Wang (China)



Day 2 Session 1 Track 1: Heat Transfer

Dehumidification assessment for desiccant coated heat exchanger in different climates and buildings by Dr Xu Zheng (China)

Modelling and performance analysis of heat exchangers for supercritical CO2 power systems by Dr Lei Chai (UK)

Numerical investigation of thermal and hydraulic performance of shell and plate heat exchanger by Professor Chi-Chuan Wang (Taiwan)

On the relation of churn flow and critical heat flux prediction by Dr Ke Wang (China)

Day 2 Session 1 Track 2: 

A simplified thermal network model for battery thermal management system with phase change materials by Dr Ziye Ling (China)

Energy analysis of micro thermoelectric generator: effect of system structure on thermoelectric efficiency by Dr Bing-Ang Mei (China)

Data-driven energy monitoring and diagnosis of telecommunication sites by Miss Ludovica Malafronte (Italy)

Modeling thermal and power energy indicators for renewable energy substitution prospects: Evidence in MENA Region for sustainable energy management by Mr Hermas Abudu (China)



Day 2 Session 2 Track 1: Heat Transfer

Evaluation on heat transfer enhancement of multi-start spirally corrugated tubes by extended performance evaluation criteria by Dr Jin-yuan Qian (China)

An experimental study on the heat transfer performance of a closed loop two-phase thermosyphon under two-phase and supercritical states by Mr Ye Bai (China)

Subcooled flow boiling in a microchannel on ZnO micron-rods surface by Professor Wei Li (China)

A numerical investigation on the effect of branched V-ribs design in a rectangular duct on heat transfer and pressure drop by Miss Warissara Tangyotkhajorn (Thailand)

Day 2 Session 2 Track 2: Thermal Systems

An effective deterministic method for optimizing combined cooling, heating, and power systems by Dr Ming Pan (China)

Research on a coupled total-flow and single-flash (TF-SF) system for power and freshwater generation from geothermal source by Dr Guopeng Yu (UK)

Development and testing of a supercritical carbon dioxide axial turbine expander by Mr Guangdai Huang (China)

Characteristics analysis of a dual-piston free-piston engine generator during the cold start-up process by Miss Yidi Wei (China)



Day 3 Session 1 Track 1: Energy Storage

Compressor-assisted thermochemical seasonal storage integrated with solar photovoltaic-thermal collector for domestic heating demand by Dr Huashan Bao (UK)

Novel MOF aluminium fumarate coating for adsorption energy storage by Mr Majdi Massoud Idris Saleh (UK)

Techno-economic study of liquid air energy storage integrated with waste heat recovery solutions by Mr Alessio Tafone (Singapore)

Experimental studies on a strontium chloride/ammonia thermochemical sorption heat storage system by Dr Ting Yan (China)

Day 3 Session 1 Track 2: Energy Efficiency

Study on solidification process of sodium acetate trihydratefor seasonal solar thermal energy storage by Dr Zhiwei Ma (UK)

In-situ fluidized bed heavy oil hydrocracker: energy-efficient reactor for fuel and petrochemical production by Dr Bo Chen (China)

Energy, exergy, and thermo-economy analyses of an integrated thermal management system for electric vehicle by Dr Zhen Tian (China)

Numerical and experimental investigations on the energy efficiency of air curtains in refrigerated food transport vehicles by Miss Ashika Rai (UK)



Day 3 Session 2 Track 1: Energy Storage

Impact of different packed bed heat storage technologies on the performance of a pumped heat energy storage system by Dr Zhiwei Ma (UK)

Preparation and thermal properties of modified expanded graphite/aluminium potassium sulfate dodecahydrate form-stabilized phase change materials by Mr Shaofei Wu (China)

Demand-side management study for cascade air-water heat pump coupled with thermal energy storage in the UK domestic sector by Mr Khoa Le (UK)

Day 3 Session 2 Track 2: Heat Pumps

Performance analysis of a novel solar-assisted GAX-based two-stage absorption-resorption heat pump cycle with multiple internal heat recovery by Mr Teng Jia (China)

Experimental research on a small air-source heat pump with an oil-free scroll compressor by Dr Youcai Liang (UK)

Multi-split heat pump drying system for buffer-layer coating of lithium battery by Mr Hong-Xin Liu (China)