Tell Us What You Think



It would be great to hear about what you think about the stories and images the young people we worked with shared with us. Did any of them speak to anything in your life? Is there a specific story or image that stood out for you? Is there any story or image you would like to share that we could add to the ones we have gathered here? You might also have some thoughts on how we have designed the website and we would like to hear your thoughts on that too. 

The way to share things with us is by email: if you click on this link, it will take your email through which you can contact us. If you had an image to share that can be attached to the email. 

We will then have a look at what you have sent us and after contacting you we may add some of it to this page. If you are wanting to share an image or story, here are some things to think about before doing so. 

  • Do make it lively: it can be funny, sad, or just something that means a lot to you.

  • Do tell us something about why you are sharing the story or image.

  • Don’t make a story too long, like the stories you have seen it should be about 50-100 words long.

  • Don’t include pictures of other people without knowing they are ok with that (before using anything we will check with you).

  • Don’t share anything you would not be comfortable sharing with loads of people, including people who know you and people who don’t.

  • Don’t include your name, or anyone else’s, or something that might identify you in any stories or images you might want to share (again we will check this out with you).

  • It’s a good idea to speak with people you trust before you submit anything, just so you can think about and discuss what seems a good idea to share.

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